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Double Five (Hip Hop) 2023 @ HOU LIVE – Nanshan

March 16 @ 8:00 pm







At the beginning of the first year of rap in 2017, the broadcast of a domestic rap competitive program quickly pushed the domestic Hip-Hop culture into the mainstream, and quickly entered everyone’s field of vision in a short period of time. Many new generation rappers have been born , no exception, there are also such a group of rap lovers in Shenzhen, Guangdong, a fast-economy city. In 2021, they came together because of the same hobbies and goals. Day discussions and combined with local elements, jointly founded a new star label “DoubleFive” in Shenzhen .

Double Five


In this bustling city, there is a rap force that is constantly surging— DoubleFive , a group of rap musicians working hard to promote Shenzhen rap culture to the whole country.

“DoubleFive” means ” 0755 “. Since its establishment in early 2021 , we have gathered 10 local rap musicians from Shenzhen ; Contribute my own strength, and hope that in the near future “DoubleFive” will be one of the representatives to promote Shenzhen rap to the whole country.

“Zero seven five five”

DoubleFive 2023 Shenzhen Station

guest listImageImage

Ewan (Xie Yuefeng)

— DoubleFive —

Manager of Shenzhen DoubleFive label

Rapper, Original Musician

Born in Shenzhen in 2001

In 2016, he began to contact music creation,

In the same year, he made his first original single “Letter to You”

Transform from Pop to hiphop in 2020

And created the single “Superstar”

Topped the NetEase Cloud Music Soaring List


“Superstar”, “Hilltop”, “Letters to You”, etc.

main style

Melody, Boombap, Punk

performance experience

Appointed in April 2020

Invited singer for the promotional film “Dumping Qingcheng” of Mount Qingcheng in Sichuan

January 2022

Served as a rap guest at Shenzhen Window of the World Wow Music Festival

October 2022

Michael live house label performance online promoter

Honor experience

In 2017, won the third season of “Sing China”

Internet popularity outstanding student award in Shenzhen competition area

Invited interview in July 2021

And appeared in the eighth issue of “Leqiu Music” weekly magazine

NetEase Cloud Music’s original single played over 400W+


C.no1 (Chen Nuo)

— DoubleFive —

Manager of Shenzhen DoubleFive label

Rapper, Original Musician

grew up in Shenzhen

Committed to becoming a singer of diverse genres

Pay attention to the connotation and intention of the lyrics to resonate with the audience


“Lonely City”, “People are Good at First”,

“12/25”, “Bad Love Song”, “Human Skin Mask”

main style

trap, melody, real talk, emo, jazzImageImage

Dvee (Lin Jiaxu)

— DoubleFive —

Shenzhen DoubleFive label member


Born in Sichuan Province in 2004

Growing up in Shenzhen, I was exposed to European and American rap since childhood.

Since then, it has been out of control, and high school began to write lyrics and publish them

First single “Murmansk Port at Dawn”

music style

Melody, trap, MemphisImageImage

AD Susu (Wang Zhipeng)

— DoubleFive —

Shenzhen DoubleFive label member


A post-00s Rapper worth looking forward to


“You”, “I think you can stay with me”, “Lost bad”

Honor experience


NetEase Cloud Music’s single playback volume exceeded 400w+

October 2022

Michael live house label online performance guest

music style

boombap, jazz melody, trapImageImage

Widmill Frog (Huang Zhuobin)

— DoubleFive —

Shenzhen DoubleFive label member


Born on July 7, 1998


“BT.Freestyle”, “Psychedelic”, “Lonely City”

Honor experience 


Participate in the stupid bird flying 3.0Battle event and win the championship

September 10, 2020

Invited to participate in Foshan Sheshi Yipin commercial rap cooperation

October 2022

Michael live house label online performance guest

music style

boombap, Melody, TrapImageImage


folding ear z-ear

— Guest —

Independent Rapper, Original Musician

Born in 2002

Elementary school exposure to Chinese rap

Influenced by Korean rap variety shows in junior high school, he began to compose music and lyrics.

Committed to resonating with the audience through lyrics

Has a unique voice and rap accent

Rich stage experience, full microphone stability


“Captain (solo ver.)”

“Jump Up”, “Here We Go”, etc.

music style

Trap, Melody, Singing Rap

Honor experience

Weibo original works have more than one million views

NetEase Cloud music works have played more than 500,000 times

Douyin works have been played over a million times and have over 10,000 fans

Thousands of original music usage


Released the first single and participated in the label Cypher MV

from 2018

Invited to participate in or host various performances

Served as a rap trade show guest

Hepburn Black Hole International Electronic Music Festival, etc.

Had the same stage with the world’s top 100 DJ Raven and Kreyn


The work appeared on the headlines of the popular Weibo, and was popular with Xixiaotang

Hip-Hop New Information

Many well-known bloggers such as Xiaoqiang Shushu commented and forwarded

At the same time, it was transferred to Douyin, Bilibili and other platforms


Won Netease Cloud Silver Single and Silver Record Awards

“Here We Go” topped the cloud music soaring list

partial awards

Top 12 of BOOM STREET Rap Competition

8miles Underground GIRLz 8MILE National Top 32

YO!!! STREET rap competition top 7

Participate in Douyin’s “Seeing Music” project

In 2022, the first mini album “GO UP” will be released

Held the 20 GO UP ear folding session.ImageImage


Cghost Ghost House

— Guest —

Manager of FireHydrant fire hydrant brand

human nature and social ideology

have a deep awareness and understanding

As a producer, independent musician and label manager

He leads the entire label with his unique and distinctive style

Aiming to be the best among future rap music artists

Along the way, he combines various types of music in his songs

unique auditory experience

Recognized by many producers and well-known musicians


He has become one of the representative figures when talking about Shenzhen rap


“Secrect”, “The Great River Goes East”, “Regret”

music style

Oldschool/Epic/Alternative Rap   

partial awards

2019 Underground Eight Mile Shenzhen Station Final Four

2020 TurnUp Shenzhen Station Top Six

2021 Underground Eight Mile Guangzhou Station runner-up

2021 Eight Mile Underground 【Big Talk】League Champion in Guangzhou

2021 Eight Mile Underground Chinese Rap City Competition Guangzhou Station ChampionImageImage


white spider

— Guest —

Member of FireHydrant fire hydrant brand

White spiders are influenced by colorful music and culture,

Choose to use music as a negative to show the audience the inner world,

It also gave birth to his independent music style.

In this era of fast food music,

He hopes to build an urban refuge,

Accompany every helpless and confused person to get out of the predicament together.


“The Great River Goes East”, “Sin”, “Bright Star”

music style

Oldschool/Epic/Alternative RapImageImage


T. Kurt

— Guest —

Member of FireHydrant fire hydrant brand

TK on the connection between the Iron Jungle and romance

with a unique understanding,

Determined to convey love to the audience in the song,

The so-called love that is both ethereal and real.

Released first solo album

After “Summer Seems to Be Ending Soon”,

His musical attainments stepped onto a higher ladder.

“Next summer is coming soon.”

He said so.


“Forget Your Lover”, “Dance a Cha-Cha”, “Fall for U”

music style

R&B/Epic/Alternative RapImageImage


JK Jerry

— Guest —

Member of FireHydrant fire hydrant brand

After being influenced by different music, Jk Jerry,

Have their own unique insights into the content and musicality of songs,

Aspire to experiment with different musical styles

And make different and fresh music,

And hope to bring a new visual and auditory experience to the audience.


“Woke up”, “Regret”

music style

Trap/New Wave/Pop PunkImageImage


FutureFlyball (Chen Xuanyi)

— Guest —


Possess mature stage experience and musical talent

Future can maturely control any

Performance occasions about hiphop culture

Do a bossy and Artist – FutureFlyball

Mc came out of the ground,

With a deep and solid foundation and excellent ideas,

in every piece of work

It belongs to Future-Flyball’s own taste,

With excellent personal on-site ability and excellent character

Very popular in the circle.


The brand manager of RapLegend, the top competition in Guangdong

LegendHill brand manager

Champion of Guangdong Allin Works Contest

Champion of Guangdong Humen New Blood Rap Competition

Runner-up of the Guangdong Speak Wild Words Contest

Shenzhen Sicila pub master Mc

Replay Brand Wuhan Station Offline Spokesperson

Shenzhen Peng live house designated head rapper

Guests of Shenzhen Window of the World Halloween Music Festival

Effort Genina Chiwolf et al

Big star Rapper assists Hiphop Mc

Performers at major music festivals in ChinaImageImage


Rudin during the day

— Guest —

ALISTUN manager & ultimate tool man

Founder & Manager of Alistun Studio

The new generation of rappers in coastal areas

Possesses a wealth of performance experience

Strong stage performance

In the early years, he worked as a battleMC

In the underground battle competitions in various places,

post-transformation work creation,

Constant self-precipitation

And created a number of high-quality works,

During the period, he repeatedly refused to sign contracts with brokerage companies

Invited to cooperate with variety shows,

So far, my works have been played on the Netease Yundan platform for more than one million

Nearly 5 million plays on the whole network.

held several times in recent years

“Elliston” series of special performances

and the “Self-Birth Outline” series of rap works competitions,

And as a guest performer, he was invited to participate in more than 50 performances all over the country.

Gradually become a dazzling new star in the coastal area.

personal physical album





2023.3.16 (Thursday) 20:00

Venue/HOU LIVE (Xiasha store)

No. 9289, Binhe Avenue, Xiasha Community, Futian District, Shenzhen

B112A on the negative floor of KKONE


Early Bird¥78

Pre-sale ¥98

Full price  ¥128

Double ¥178

VIP ¥288

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12a, Basement first floor, KKONE Shopping Center, 9289 Binhe Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区滨河路9289号KKONE购物中心B1层12a
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518116 China

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