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Curvature-driven @ OIL CLUB – Futian

October 14, 2022 @ 10:00 pm 11:59 pm

Silicon Kure , as a forward-thinking music label of the new generation in Shenzhen, is a stable and changeable existence that transforms falsehood into reality. Not only limited to Techno, but also spread to various fields, presenting a number of wonderful performances with “strong silicon flavor”.

This time, Silicon Kure will bring OIL’s dance floor to Leonwill , a musician of Modern Sky who just released the new album <Furry Fairy Mao Maoxian> , and a half of the hardware music group “Circular Technology Bureau”. Everyone presented his signature Live Set scene.

In addition, this will be OIL Soundsystem’s Sulk ‘s last performance at OIL in a while. 🥺 Let’s dance again in the middle of the dance floor, have another drink, and wish our good friends a smooth journey!

-Line Up-

Leonwill (Live)

LEONWILL, musician, producer, DJ, will join Modern Sky’s label: TransMiß in 2021, and will release a new album <Furry Fairy 毛毛仙> in July 2022. Since 2015, LEONWILL has been performing in various venues in China in the form of live performance, with different styles.

Limited to detroit house, techno, chicago house, electro, nu disco, the fullness of minimalism is his interpretation of rhythm, mixing old school rhythm with new school reorganization.


One of the founders of the GWAAI brand, Slade is committed to connecting the underground music scene in South Africa and China, injecting natural factors into the dance floor, and the music spun out of his hands is deeply rooted in the wild, dynamic and naturalistic nature of the original Africa. However, the nurtured spiritual edification is always like the well-being of the deep sea, the deep and low voice is hallucinogenic, and sometimes it is weird and cute like a jungle elves, full of energy, easily placed in the rolling fields under the vast starry sky. 


Sulk combines his passion for music with his partying experience, and navigating different musical styles is his forte. As a member of OIL Soundsystem, he can always bring you unexpected surprises, with an elegant delicacy in the fierceness. Unpredictable, he has been active in different styles of activities for a long time – CAGE’s cage keeper, Hunny Dew’s honeydew fairy. An innate sense of fluidity that allows him to infuse the dance floor with energy and an irresistible vibe. As a result, he has been on stage with artists such as Perc, Umwelt, Exos, Kangding Ray, Mike Parker, Shlømo, and Developer as a Support DJ, and has won high praise. His footprints have traveled all over the country, and he has also appeared on NTS Radio, Internet Public Radio, Suicide Club and other radio stations. Now, he and his friend Yinan are co-operating the monthly program ‘Platonic Intimacy’ on Baihui Radio with the goal of presenting more diverse music.


The ingziing immersed in the Shenzhen music scene is absolutely eccentric, from the crisp and mysterious Electro to the cold and ectopic Techno, from the retro and minimalist New Wave to the cold and cunning EBM, the passionate and unrestrained House is also the object she is keen to dig. Unexpectedly attack the dance floor with extremely different music.


Strictly speaking, the starting point of Nebulae digging is a compressed disc filled with more than 400 low-quality songs in childhood. Over the years, the form and carrier of music have changed, and the compressed disc has become a compressed disc containing more than a thousand carefully selected songs. track digital memory. From clubber to DJ, it has nothing to do with the classification and labeling of music, respecting the physical feedback brought by “listening” and exploring the deep and abstract spiritual world are the basic music values ​​she follows.

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11A Ground Floor Tairan Mansion, Tairan 8th Rd Xiasha Metro Station Exit D, Futian District Shenzhen 深圳市福田区车公庙泰然大厦01层L1-11A (下沙站D出口 )
Shenzhen, China