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CSBQ “Where Are You Going, Young Friend” @ B10LIVE – Nanshan

September 30 All day

I’ve grown up, but I don’t know where to go.Look at these cruel seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, all depicting the loneliness and splendor of life. This is the winter of 2021, and it snows in Changsha. This southern city turned white overnight, and everyone was caught off guard watching the falling snow, watching her make the noisy city lonely.

The heavy snow turned the withered lake into a wasteland, and  CSBQ — this young band walked on this wasteland, stepping on the once green grass and riverbed, the soles were covered with snow, a lonely road accompanied by slow footsteps. appear slowly.

This is the title song of their new album in 2022, “Where Are You Going, Young Friend” , which is different from the excitement of “Treasure of the Future” in 2021. This is a song of confusion and loneliness. The same is true of the process of life: when we were young, we chased lofty and great ideals. After being beaten to the core by reality, you will naturally fall into confusion and loneliness after growing up, and you will not know the direction of the future when you look around.

Where is the oasis and where is the coral island? There is only a wasteland in front of you, covered in snow. The dazzling snow makes you unable to open your eyes, will the world eventually have sunshine as described in the poem? Is life still lonely and long? No one tells you the answer.

” One Hundred Years of Solitude” wrote: No matter where you go, you should remember that the past is false, and memory is an endless road. Memories make us happy or sad, but more keep us behind bars. Forget the memories and continue walking on the lonely road.

This time, it is still a work with director Mei Er. Under the pale camera, the young ones walk slowly. There are encounters and differences along the way. In the end, we will all walk alone on the road of life, looking for where the coral island is in the desert. .
You can never find a coral island in a desert, just as impractical to find an oasis in the sea. But the boat that carries our whole lives, once it’s out at sea, there’s no turning back.
You may feel cruel or even sad, but our real life is like this: all the past springs no longer exist, and even the most tenacious and frantic love is only a fleeting reality in the end, only Eternal loneliness. In the end, we still have to get used to being ordinary, distant and lonely. In the wasteland of this world, friends come and go, some people leave in the middle and others stumble down. In the end, you are left to walk alone. Even so, we should learn to get used to the reality brought by these lives, because we must believe that no matter what happens in this world, there will always be a home for you.

The road is long and winding, young friend, We will meet in the wasteland eventually.

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CSBQ Band 2022 “Where Are You Going, Young Friend”

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