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Co-talk 10th Anniversary TEE Design

April 13, 2022 May 13, 2022

On July 28, 2022, will celebrate Co-talk’s 10th anniversary!

During the coming 3 months, we will bring a series of surprises to students, and the 10th anniversary T-shirt Design Competition will be the start of celebration !

We sincerely invite all creative co-talk’s students and friends to design an unique and original T-shirt belonging to Co-talk!

Once the vote system activates on May 16th, you can vote on the page until 20:00 May 22th. We will select the ranked top 5 works for offline voting. On May 23th, the live vote will start at Co-talk Language Center Window of the World Campus. The winner will be elected according to the live vote result. The same ID can upload multiple designs, but only one of them can enter the top 5.

*Work Submissions
2022.04.13 – 2022.05.13 20:00

*Work Selections
2022.05.14 – 2022.05.15

*Online Voting
2022.05.16 – 2022.05.22 20:00

*Live Vote
2022.05.23 – 2022.05.29

*Award-winning Works Determination
2022.05.30 – 2022.06.01

*Award Announcement

*The 10 Year Anniversary Tee will be available on 2022.06.10

*Awarding Ceremony

1. Please design T-shirts with the theme of “Co-talk 10th Anniversary”.

2. Design should contain both the front side and backside of the T-shirt. You can use the Co-talk LOGO template provided by the competition (see the picture below).

3. It can include but is not limited to T-shirt design draft, process draft, creative inspiration drawing, etc. Specific requirements for uploading works are as follows:

[Dimension] 16:9

[Size] Within 2MB, clearly recognizable

[Format] JPG/PNG/GIF

【How to participate】
1.Send a self-intro, your design work and your best wishes or expressions to
[email protected] (Please attach #COTALK十周年生日快乐#)
2.Add your self-intro (Name, Nationality,age, occupation and Contact information)

【Reward Machanism】
Champion (Only one person)

  1. Receive Bonuses of ¥1,000 (includes cash of ¥500 and voucher of ¥500 that can be used for any Co-talk class)
  2. Three Co-talk 10th Anniversary Tee
  3. Certificate of “Co-talk Ten Year Anniversary Tee Design Champion”

TOP Three (Two people)

  1. Receive voucher of ¥200 (can be used for any Co-talk class)
  2. 1 Co-talk 10th Anniversary Tee

TOP Ten (Seven people)
1、 Receive voucher of ¥100 (can be used for any Co-talk class)
2、Co-talk 10th Anniversary Tee

【Special Declaration】

  1. This event is open to all social media users.
  2. All entrants must warrant that their entry is entirely their own work, any kinds of plagiarism is grounds for elimination.
  3. The intellectual property rights of entries belong to COTALK Language Center. The participants agree that the COTALK Language Center enjoys the use rights for their works and can exhibit and spread them in any form. Participants must obtain the permission from the event organizer before performing or releasing the submitted work to the public.
  4. Participants’ personal information will be protected and will not be disclosed to third parties.
  5. COTALK Language Center reserves the rights to the final explanation of the event.

PS: If you have any questions about entries, please add our official WeChat account (15919746086) or send email to official e-mail account ([email protected]).

【About Co-talk】
We are a group of language enthusiasts who have been engaged in language teaching over the years and established an excellent reputation. Co-talk Language Center is located in the center of Shenzhen with a convenient transportation network, offering professional courses including Chinese(Mandarin), Cantonese, Korean, English, Japanese and Spanish. In order to build ’a language forest ’and share vibrant cultures from various countries, Co-talk has successfully recruited teachers and students from diverse cultural backgrounds since its foundation in 2012. We continue to improve and we never cease to chase our dreams. Language is unique, and yet culture is borderless. We are happy to be here, connecting the world!

A1205, Reith Center, Nanshan, Shenzhen (Windows of the World Metro station, Exit C1)
Shenzhen, Guangdong China
15919746086 / 86575506