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May 28 @ 3:00 pm 6:00 pm

Human communication goes far beyond language, and movies are one of them. We search for people with the same breath under the same roof through public screening

“With New York in the 1960s and 1970s as the background, men and women follow Madison Avenue advertisements to the peak”

(Soviet Union/Italy, 1983)
(2 hours and 5 minutes in length)

Viewing Guide

Kind reminder: For a better on-site viewing experience, please carefully read the “Viewing Instructions” at the end of this article before booking; The venue seats are limited, please book as soon as possible

*The following tickets all include a beverage discount coupon of 20 yuan per person】

Single person on-site ticket RMB 50
Two person on-site ticket RMB 92

About ‘Homesickness’ (screened on May 28th)

Meditation helps illuminate the tranquility and majesty of the soul. This film is a pure description of poetic beauty and emotion

Like 1972’s “Flying into Space,” it is extraordinary and more hypnotic than 1979’s “The Underwater,” and 1983’s “Homesickness” is a magnificent physical work that unstoppably leads to an awe inspiring emotional climax

From 1962 to 1986, director Andrei Tarkovsky only directed seven feature films, each of which was considered an important masterpiece. “Homesickness” in 1983 was the sixth of these seven feature films and a film shot outside the Soviet Union. Since its premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival, ‘Homesickness’ has been considered less important than Tarkovsky’s other films, and in the following years, it has never completely shaken the reputation of’ another ‘, which is actually an extremely disheartening consensus

The director repeated the elements that run through his film works in ‘Homesickness’: indoor rain, a man with gray hair, and long and slow tracking shots. It finds comfort in old and familiar things to resist fear and uncertainty towards the new. We can consider it as Takovsky’s story about himself, as well as a naked emotional film about him

Homesickness “is not as despairing as” The Stalker “, but it does have its own different sadness. There is a sense of sadness here, a tangible separation from familiar and loved ones, but the difference is that it mourns in an unexpectedly warm way, and nostalgia is also a comfort. In the film, Gorchakov’s memories and dreams of the Soviet Union are somehow integrated into Italy, entering the real world through an unstable reality filled with clear poetic images and symbolic meanings. The ‘real’ scene constantly fluctuates between soft colors and almost completely unsaturated colors, evoking a sequence that never replicates black and white dreams

The ultimate meaning of all the uses in the movie is this: ancient architecture, ancient art, ancient memories, these have become beautiful and dying objects, which are both comforting and painful. This is a set of very humanized paradoxes and confusions, and it is also the most easily understood film by director Andrei Tarkovsky

Film Watching Instructions

1.The ticket is sold, no refund or exchange is accepted for any reason; Our official ticket sales channel is currently limited to the official account mall/activity line/pick-up/sympathy, and early bird tickets are only sold in the official account mall
2. To avoid affecting other viewers, please enter at least half an hour before the start of the film; When entering, please present your ticket purchase record and have the staff lead you to check your seat; For guests who have already purchased tickets, we will reserve their seats for you until half an hour after the show starts. Any seats that exceed this time will be cancelled
3. The venue seats are limited, and seats are available on a first come, first choice basis. If there is any table splitting phenomenon, please understand
4. Do not bring any takeaway food or drinks into the venue area; Smoking ban throughout the infield (including e-cigarettes)
5. During the viewing period, please do not make loud noise. Please turn your phone to silent or vibrating mode throughout the entire process; Please turn off the flash when taking or recording photos

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