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Christmas Penny Black Jazz Club – Nanshan

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December 24, 2022 @ 3:30 pm


In 2022, we seem to be in the center of the storm

We’ve been in a “dark time” for a long time

in the most difficult time

Music takes us through confusion and darkness

Be a ray of light to protect everyone

In this uncertain year of 2022

Black Stamp Believes Companionship Overcomes Darkness

On this Christmas Eve 2022

Black stamps will gather the warmest power

sing with youimage

across mountains and seas

finally see the lightimage

about the person in your heart

Listen to the most healing music

to feel the warmth

Black Stamp Every Family Believes

Together we are the most precious strength

performance arrangement

24th Saturday|Saturday

 Christmas Eve Celebration

Afternoon Show | 3:30 PM

Flamenco World Flamenco World

Xavkat & Friends

Guitar / Guitar | Xavkat

Christmas Eve party|8:00 PM

Penny Black Choir

Christmas Eve carol chorus Christmas Choir

Jazz Quartet

Vocal / Vocal | BinBin

Jazz Piano/Piano|Sam Tsang

Double Bass / Doublebass|Li Jing

Jazz Drum / Drum | Huang Bingjia

25th Sunday|Sunday

The Christmas CelebrationChristmas Celebration

Afternoon Show | 3:30 PM

Flamenco World Flamenco World

Xavkat & Friends

Guitar / Guitar | Xavkat

Christmas party|8:00 PM

Jazz Quartet

Vocal / Vocal | BinBin

Jazz Piano / Piano | SamTsang

Double Bass / Doublebass | Li Jing

Jazz Drum / Drum | Huang Bingjia

Halftime Event:
Christmas Greetings (Lucky Draw) 

Find Rudolph’s nose Secret Santa 

(Mystery Christmas Gift Exchange) Sundays onlyImage

“If music gives love,

We can also receive more love. “Image


 A journey of music healing,

is the voice

is light 

Merry Christmas

Black Stamp Christmas Little Choir

Penny Black ChoirImageImageImage

There is no distinction between you and me, only us

There are countless warm stories to tell tonight

Christmas Little Choir made up of guests

After weeks of intense rehearsals, it’s finally time to debut

In order to let everyone feel more warm power

The number of performances of the Little Choir has increased this year

Let more people hear the voice of the choir

The Tenth Little Choir will

On Christmas Eve and Christmas this year

Go on stage with a jazz band

Let’s sing together, sing together

Bring the clearest and warmest voice to everyoneImage

“Christmas gift exchange,

Conveying the ritual sense of love”Image


 A trip to love and be loved

is to share

be happy 

Merry Christmas

Christmas Blind Box Game 

Secret SantaImage

Please enter textImageImage

Every gift has its special meaning

each of us tonight

Be each other’s “Santa Claus”

Send gifts to each other and rush to open the “blind box”

express inner blessings and love

Note: Only friends with gifts can participate in this game!

Gifts don’t need to be too expensive, the most important thing is your heart~Image

“Every smile of joy

All deserve our love”Image


” The fairy tale brought by the red-nosed elf ,

is a game

is joy 

Merry Christmas

Rudolph’s red nose

 Rudolph The Red-nosed ReindeerImageImageImage

Walk into the warm fairy tale Christmas world

Feel the love and Christmas joy in the thick atmosphere

old nose sticking game

 There is a cute snowman, and there is a naive Rudolph 

What will it be this year? ?

 Participants in the game will be blindfolded

Stick Rudolph’s nose on Rudolph’s cardboard

Let’s see who posted the most accurate and closest position to
Rudolph. I would like to thank the big and small friends who helped him find his nose.

The closest friends will receive a thank you surprise from Rudolph!Image

“Send the power of warmth

This is a gift for everyone “Image


 The journey to find life’s cure,

with music

with warm 

Merry Christmas

black stamp jazz band

Penny Black All-Stars BandImage

Jazz QuartetImage

Xavkat & Friends

music is love

love you long time no see

I love you who keep running for life

Loving you who were once covered by dark clouds

Loving the most beautiful you who is retrograde for love

this time

Let you and I reunite after a long absence and bump into warmth

In addition to the rich and interesting Christmas games, Black Stamp has also prepared super photogenic Christmas scenes, delicious Christmas candies and the much-anticipated lucky draw for everyone! Every participant has the possibility to get a black stamp and a surprise prize prepared by Santa Claus~

*You can get a lucky draw chance with the consumption receipt during the dinner period of the day.Image


 A culinary adventure,

Book to continue 

Merry Christmas

Christmas dinnerImage

The production process of turkey is complicated and takes a long time to prepare, and each set meal needs to be booked in advance. In order to ensure the quality of performance and performance during the performance period, no delay service will be provided for the time being.

Friends who want to come to Black Stamp to eat turkey and listen to jazz performances on Christmas Eve, make a reservation now~

Order channel

1. In-store reservation

2. TEL: 86098585 Reservation

3. Customer service WeChat reservation (remark Christmas Eve, Christmas order):Image

Christmas Takeaway Turkey Gift Box🎄Image

* Collection Date

2022 12 8–2022 12 28 

* Reservation is required at least three days in advance

Book 3 Days in Advance

*Book Now


Christmas and Christmas Eve this year carry too much expectation and beauty

Maybe the world might be changing every moment

But what remains unchanged is our pursuit of the light in our hearts

and an eternal love for music

This Christmas and Christmas Eve

Let’s break through the darkness hand in hand with singing

Welcome to the bright new dawn

Please enter textImage


No smoking indoors (including e-cigarettes);

BYO drinks and food are not allowed

During a musician’s performance (whisper and say praise);

The final right of interpretation rests with the Black Stamp Jazz Club

Thank you for your support and understanding! ! !

OCT Loft Creative Culture Park Nanshan District North District AS-133, 134
+86 19128457780
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