Tequila Coyotes Kids Party Package – Nanshan

Tequila Coyote's Mexican Food & Grill Shop B05, Sea World Rear Plaza, Shuiwan Community, Merchants Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Hey kiddos and parents! Are you ready for the coolest, most awesome kids' party ever? Tequila Coyotes is the perfect place to celebrate!  We have a super fun Kids Party Package for only ¥80 per child Your kids can pick 3 of our 5 yummy food choices! Check out the tasty menu: Chicken Chimichangas Chicken Nuggets Chicken Fingers Mini Cheeseburgers ...


Tatsuya Miyanishi’s World of Picture Books @ Hua Art Museum – Nanshan

Hua Art Museum Nanshan District, Shenzhen

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gong Xida’s picture book creation and the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Tyrannosaurus Rex series, “Gong Xida The 40th Anniversary Exhibition of Ye’s Picture Book World” was launched early and will be held at Hua Art Museum on June 3. This is also the largest exhibition held by Gong Xida in China. This ...

58RMB – 128RMB

water polo fight   Ren Qicai's water polo hits from the air, hitting the face and body with water splashes, and the hot "battle atmosphere" matches the cool and full atmosphere, and the experience is extremely comfortable!   bubble war   There is also a super luxurious foam fighter, which adds new fun to this parent-child tour. The white and soft foam spews ...


Children Art Workshop @ Atlantis – Shekou

ATLANTIS Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge Room 126, Building 3, Qianship Plaza, Sea World, Shenzhen

Get ready for a roaring good time at Atlantis' Children Art Workshop! Kids can channel their inner paleontologist and create dino-mite masterpieces with a prehistoric theme. �️14:30 Children Art (4-14 y o)Theme “ Dinosaur “ oil pastels+ coffee for parent 98 yuan