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BREAK THE SHACKLES 2022 National Tour “Why didn’t you feel it?” Second half stop

June 11 All day


3.27 Hangzhou Wine Club

4.8 Shanghai Youzhekong Music Park


4.22 Beijing Dongshi-OMNI CLUB

4.23 72 Twenty Years of Music Live


5.7 Nanjing Euler Art Space

5.28 Zhengzhou 7 LIVE HOUSE

5.29 Xi’an Chuangju Music Live

6.10 Zhuhai LIVEHOUSE

6.11 Shenzhen HOU LIVEHOUSE

6.12 Guangzhou SD LIVEHOUSE

Ticket Prices:

Early bird ticket: 80 yuan

Ticket Sales: 100 yuan

Double: 170 yuan

Full Price Ticket: 120 yuan

【Notes】Let’s enjoy music safely and happily
1. In order to ensure orderly admission and avoid crowding, tickets will be exchanged in advance on the spot. Ticket redemption will start at 17:30, and the doors will open at 18:00 to enter the venue in batches

.2. Please prepare the ticket purchase order page of the official ticket purchase channel and the information of the ticket purchaser in advance. Student ticket purchasers must hold their own student ID.

3. In order to ensure the smooth viewing of the performance, please check and follow the local epidemic prevention and control policies in real time. According to the health and epidemic prevention requirements, please show the green code with the application code and the green code of the communication itinerary card when entering the venue, or hold a nucleic acid test within 7 days. Negative certificate, sorry for the inconvenience.

4. For the health of you and others, please wear a mask throughout the performance, and do not crowd or run.

5. Please do not bring your own alcohol and food into the venue.

6. Smoking is prohibited throughout the venue.

7. All staff wear masks and gloves to work and record their health status; the venue is fully disinfected and cleaned every day during business hours, and the venue has increased the fresh air system to ensure air quality.

8. Minors are not allowed to enter the venue;

Guangzhou SD Livehouse 4.0 New Store Address:

B1 Floor, Huacheng Huizhong District, Zhujiang New Town 

Baxingye Bazaar Music Food Street North Second Gate 

Metro guide:

Zhujiang New Town Subway Station Exit D

APM: Exit B of Women’s and Children’s Hospital Station (opposite Huacheng Live Broadcasting Base)


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