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Birthday w the Big-Headed Son & the Small-Headed Father @ Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theater Grand Theater – Nanshan

November 6, 2022 @ 10:30 am 1:00 pm

Do you remember when you hear this song?The happy childhood of holding a watermelon and watching cartoons in front of the TV?
What would it be like to put it on stage?

Co-produced by Beijing Performing Arts Group, Beijing Zhaohua Media, China Puppet Theatre, and CCTV Animation , the large-scale cartoon stage play “New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad” is a children’s stage play full of family affection, friendship and harmony, and entertaining! The story revolves around the big head son, the small head father, and the apron mother’s “Happy Family Trinity”, allowing you and your children to enjoy the edification of art and the joy of growth while watching!

The “big head son”, “little head father” and “apron mother” in the cartoonIn addition, the addition of cute cartoon shapes such as “Little Sweet Potato” and “Marshmallow” made the performance climax one after another. There were more than 10 interactions every 3-5 minutes in the audience . The funny, funny and exaggerated performance of the man in sunglasses who did not abide by public morality was in sharp contrast with the colorful butterfly and bee performances presented by puppets . Speaking of the “20 advantages” of the sweet potato in a general way made the audience amused , and I believe that everyone will get more surprises when they enter the theater.


The smart big-headed son, the small-headed father, and the apron mother live happily as a family. On the birthday of the eldest son, the family agreed not to leave for a minute. So how did the eldest son’s birthday go? On this day, what kind of story happened between the eldest son and his little friends sweet potatoes and marshmallows , between the mysterious man in sunglasses , and the old police officer ? What kind of problems and secrets does the little-headed father prevent him from celebrating his big-headed son’s birthday? What kind of adventures do you guys have in the subway?

Authorized by CCTV Animation, the large-scale cartoon stage play “New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad” exclusively created and performed by China Puppet Art Theatre has a familiar growth story for children, and the stage is full of colorful dreams. There is strong family affection, genuine affection for helping each other, and friendship between friends who are windy and raining for a while. When the music of “Birthday Cake” sounded, the sweet dream spread to the Quartet.

performance information

show time: November 06, 2022 (Sunday)10:30/15:00
show duration: About 70 minutes (without intermission)Actual on the spot
performance location: Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theater Grand Theater
Show Tickets: 480/380/280/180/120/80 yuan

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*One person, one ticket, full ticket for children. Enter by ticket and take a seat.*Recommended viewing age: 2 years old and above.

80RMB – 480RMB