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Bay Area Consumer Brand Value Forum @ Harbor Lecture Hall – Nanshan

June 3 @ 1:30 pm 6:00 pm

Jointly produced by HKU ICB & 01 Mathematics

Tencent Smart Retail, 36Kr’s equity investment in MinIPO, Qianhai Talent Port and many other institutions resonated together.

200+ heads of consumer brands attended, as well as representatives of ecology, channels, and consumer capital, igniting a wave of cooperation on the spot.

5 high-quality guests, 5 major dimensions of sharing, on June 3, the Bay Area Consumer Brand Value Forum, empowering the overall improvement of the value of consumer brands in the Bay Area.

Time: June 3, 2023 (Saturday) 13:30-18:00

Location: Harbor Lecture Hall, 3rd Floor, Annex Building, Building B, Qianhai International Talent Port, Nanshan

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Cooperation or activity consultation telephone:

Teacher Chen 13538120284 (same number on WeChat)

This event provides on-site cooperation and free display of product information for public welfare. For details, please click the ” Read the original text ” link at the bottom left of the article

Theme 1: Concentration of crisis public relations in the face of sudden public opinion

– Recent hot events and the nature of public opinion 

– Effective range and routine failure of traditional strategies

– Strategy selection – keep the bottom line and win by surprise

– Yushang- Foundations of Leadership in the New Era

Shared by:

Mr. Lee Kwok Wai 

HKU ICB Guest Lecturer

Wen YuanDacheng Management Consulting President

Director of China International Public Relations Association

Former General Electric China Brand Communications Director

Theme 2: Integrating product and efficiency in the era of private domain 2.0 and multiple growth

The essence of private domain 2.0 is the joint operation of brands and channels. Through online and offline integration, public domain and private domain joint operation, it helps enterprises find the growth path for the next stage.

Shared by:

Mr. Zhai Kun

Tencent Smart Retail

Vertical Industry Ecological Director & Cloud Selection Alliance Leader


Share the new coffee brand: Something For, use AICG to share the practical experience of user link and brand emotional maintenance

Shared by:

Ms. Li Wenjing

Founder of Something For Coffee

Global coffee quality appraiser CQI Q-Grader

2023 Yunnan Green Coffee Competition Judges

Theme 4: Trillion New Opportunities: “Video Account + Private Domain” Creates New Growth in Brand GMV

Shared by:

Mr. Wei Jianfeng

Zero One Digital Technology CEO

Member of Tencent Advertising T-Group Expert Panel

Wechat ecological operation expert, 36Kr, enterprise wechat invited lecturer

Topic 5: How Capital in the New Consumption Era Helps Accelerate the Development of Brands

-2023 Market Value Growth Trend of Consumer Brands

– How to deal with and negotiate with investors when they come

-Choose the right capital for you*Use capital power more efficiently

Shared by:

Mr. Lee Yiu Wing

36Kr Equity Investment MinIPO Partner

3rd Floor, Annex Building, Building B, Qianhai International Talent Port, Nanshan

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