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Bar Crawl Event by Eat Shenzhen

December 3, 2022 @ 11:00 am 11:59 pm

The Ale Trail – known globally, but founded in Manchester – is the pinnacle of the year for beer drinkers in the North West of England. An event that defines December in the UK, and can leave you upside down at the bottom of your stairs after being carried into a taxi… It’s a marathon, a test of mind and body, and it’s one hell of a cracking day out!

Now, a true and proper ‘Ale Trail’ is impossible in China, mainly due to how massive the country is and a complete lack of sh*tty little pubs. But, who says it can’t be improved? As what we do have in Shenzhen is a state-of-the-art metro service and 2 brand-new Jing-A bars, that have conveniently opened on completely opposite sides of the city, with many fantastic craft beer bars in between…

Essentially, the ‘Ale Trail’ is an unofficial bar crawl event in the UK… on a train! You gather your mates and head to the train station for breakfast. Once you’re all fuelled and ready to go, you jump on the train to Batley – about an hour and a half away from Manchester – and begin working your way back home, stopping at every stop along the way and having a couple of beers at each designated pub, all less than 200m from the stations. 

Sounds simple, right? Well, there are 12 stops along the way, with less than 10 minutes between each station, and in the UK, drinking on trains is (sort of) allowed. So as you can imagine, the day usually transcends into the best possible kind of chaos around 5 stops in, the weak-willed start dropping come station 8, and for those still standing, the fun keeps rolling into the night, with it all ending back in the city centre with a plethora of options to continue the antics.

What we’ve done is take that ‘Ale Trail’ concept and applied it here in Shenzhen, but instead of the Transpennine Express, we’re using the Metro. So, with our start and end points already decided (Jing-A Taproom Sungang MixC > Jing-A Taproom G&G), it was just a case of finding the best route from points A to B. 

Factoring in the bars we wanted to stop at along the way, how far they are from a Metro station, and the train journey times from one to the next, we’ve narrowed it all down to what we think is the best possible route:

Jing-A Taproom

Deal: Complimentary beer
Location : Jing A Craft Taproom (Vientiane Food Store)
MTR: 250yd from Sungang – Line 7
*Designated lunch stop with food available from 11am

No. 18 Brew Pub

Deal: Complimentary beer
Location : 18 Tavern (Xinghe COCO Park)
MTR: 140yd from Shopping Park – Line 3

Craft Head

Deal: Select 25RMB pints
Location : Craft Head Brewing CO Jakaha
MTR: 300m from Shawei – Line 7

Half Ton

Deal: 30% OFF every draught beer
Location : Half Ton Brewery (Chegongmiao store)
MTR: 300m from Chegongmiao – Line 11

ET Brewery

Deal: Complimentary beer
Location : ETBrewery Craft Beer (Coastal City Store)
MTR: 400m from Houhai – Line 2

Jing-A Taproom

Deal: Complimentary beer on arrival &
10RMB OFF all beers & cocktails
Location : Jing A Craft Taproom(G&G)
MTR: 300m from Shuiwan – Line 2

So, to sum it all up, it’s a full day out drinking incredible beers at some of the city’s best craft beer bars, from lunch in Luohu through to midnight at G&G, with 4 drinks included in the ticket fee, and what we hope will be a pretty sizeable group of Shenzhen’s biggest beer lovers!

After the recent Electric City beer festival cancellation (sorry Tom, “pOsTpOnEmEnT”) there was a collective kick-in-the-gut feeling of disappointment around the city. So we wanted to put on an alternative event that’s fun, unique, and pretty hard to cancel (touch wood), whilst also supporting some of the breweries that are, and would’ve been here, too.

Tickets are on sale now for just 100RMB, giving you entry to the event, 4 beers, and access to exclusive deals. And to get the train moving, we’re offering the first 10 early-bird tickets for just 50RMB! So to put that into perspective, that’s 12.5RMB per beer…
There’s also a “Non-Beer Drinker” ticket available, too, for 50RMB, giving you entry to the event but not the 4 free beers. FYI, every venue will have cider, cocktails, and spirit mixer alternatives to purchase alongside the beer options, so there’s something for everyone.
We hope to see as many of you on the trail as possible. Cheers!

50RMB – 100RMB