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ANNA KARENINA @ Shenzhen Esplanade Opera Hall

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January 14 @ 3:00 pm

Chinese Version of Russian Musical “Anna Karenina”

The gears of fate start turning

Exclusive license from the original producer

Produced by the original Russian crew

The luxurious lineup affectionately interprets the great works handed down from generation to generation

The journey of destiny is about to start grandly

On October 15th, Russian music was produced by Beijing Zhongyan Culture Service Co., Ltd. and Boya (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China International Culture Group Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Tianjin Song and Dance Theater and Chengdu Xingwen Investment and Development Co., Ltd. The Chinese version of the play “Anna Karenina” came to an end at the Shanghai Grand Theater.

The lobby of the theater was crowded with excited audiences who punched in front of the cast boards and background boards and waited for the curtain to open. In the backstage of the theater, there were dozens of people in front of and behind the stage. The actors and staff silently folded their hands. Together, let’s cheer on opening night.

When the lights were dimmed, with a band’s drumbeat and string music that crescendoed, the famous scenes throughout the musical – the gorgeous train station and locomotive appeared in front of the audience through the veil. It is here that Vronsky and Anna meet for the first time, and the gears of fate of the characters in the play are also started here, heading towards an irresistible end. Several steel frames and multimedia screens with constantly changing angles and positions put the audience in different scenes of the Russian aristocratic society in the 19th century, and the live band even set off the atmosphere to a climax.

This is the premiere of the Chinese version of the first Russian-language musical in China. On the night of the premiere, audiences in Shanghai and from all over the world received warm responses and passionate repo. As an “opera” work, several big songs and professional The joining of opera actors also made the audience call it “exciting”, “scalp tingling”, “overturning the roof”, and “worth the fare”.


Art1 wonderful stills

I can’t escape this wind and snow, and I can’t escape my longing

Can’t get rid of madness, cut off constant delusions,

All because of love!


if you’re not by my side

Heaven and earth, starry sky and day, are all eclipsed

Even if life dies, it loses its meaning

——”If You Are Not By My Side”Image

look at the shining sky

behold the freedom and happiness

Look at the love I’m chasing with all my might

Love be with me!

——”Freedom and Love”

come on pain come on

come on dark come on

come on flame come on

light the end for me


The writer Dostoyevsky once commented excitedly: “This is a perfect artistic masterpiece. There is no similar thing in modern European literature that can compare with it! ” God of Art”. The heroine in the book, Anna Karenina, has become one of the beautiful and plump female images in the history of world literature.

The musical has been simplified, and the original Russian-language musical has been firmly seated at the box office since its premiere in 2016, and it has lasted for a long time. In addition to the restoration to the greatest extent, the Chinese version also incorporates unique Chinese romance and Chinese interpretation , a large production, and a live band, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the happiness and desperate love that Anna pursued with all her strength.

Russian musical

“Anna Karenina” Chinese version

 show time  

January 14, 2023 (Saturday)

15:00 | 20:00

January 15, 2023 (Sunday)


*The performance lasts about 135 minutes, including a 15-minute intermission

*One voucher per person, children under 1.2 meters are not allowed to enter

 performance location  

Shenzhen Esplanade Opera Hall

 show ticket price  

1280 980 680 480 280 yuan

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280RMB – 1280RMB

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