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May 23 @ 10:00 am 9:00 pm

water polo fight

  Ren Qicai’s water polo hits from the air, hitting the face and body with water splashes, and the hot “battle atmosphere” matches the cool and full atmosphere, and the experience is extremely comfortable!

  bubble war

  There is also a super luxurious foam fighter, which adds new fun to this parent-child tour. The white and soft foam spews out, which is both dreamy and exciting.

  whitewater canyon

  One-stop tour of the Grand Canyon, under the stimulation of high-speed diving, the vitality left in the busy life is suddenly awakened, and you can fully experience the thrill of speed and passion, and you will be full of vitality and passion in an instant.

  spartan training camp

  There are fun mini-games and difficult rock climbing waiting for you to challenge. Every time you overcome a difficulty, your vitality value will be up! up! up!


  Dream Chasing Paradise gathers all kinds of cute elements, and it comes with a pink bubble filter when it comes out. Coupled with the blessing of the carousel represented by the natural dream group, the kawaii index is directly on the table.

  Cute Pet Mori Friends Club

  Cute warning! There are cute things in front of you, please prepare in advance to accept cute crit. KFC’s Duck Duck is “hard to find”, but the Keer Duck in the window can be enjoyed by you~ In addition, there are mysterious and elegant ones Incarnated as a lucky goose, Mr. Alpaca, the head of the cute department, Miss Ostrich who likes to bury her head in the sand…

  The Lost City of Machu Picchu

  Step into the realm of the lost city of Machu Picchu, the mystery hidden in it, if it seems to challenge your desire for adventure, it will attract you to take the mine car that leads to the lost city, and start an exciting adventure. .

  Tower light show

  When night fell, a colorful and dreamy light show began to go online, echoing the dancing lights, and the colorful beams of light piercing the clouds, adding a lot of romance to this innocence journey.

  Fantasy Europe

  Fantastic things are wonderfully attractive to children, big and small. The magical light and shadow show “Fantastic Europe” takes you into a wonderful and dreamy light and shadow dream through the interactive plot of sound, light and shadow.

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