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5/1 Sun. 21:00 || WeDO Jazz Combo Swing &Dance ▷ Free Entrance

May 1, 2022 @ 8:00 pm 11:30 pm

Swing dance culture is contagious, it is joyful, lighthearted, and carefree. Swing dance culture inspires and engages us, fascinates and fascinates us.

Come to WeDO Jazz Combo Swing & Dance at 21:00 pm on May 1st and feel the free and happy charm of swing dance~

performance information

WeDO Jazz Combo Swing &Dance


Date/Date: 2022.5.1 Sunday Sunday

Show Time/Show Time: 21:00


Tenor sax: Yu Zhenhai

Alto Sax: Zhu Haiming

Trombone: Thin Sea

Piano: Shi Wenzheng

Bass: Zhu Chuliang

Drums: Li Haoxin

Trumpet: Huang Yitao

Guitar: Glaucio Veloso

Vocal: Zhao Nanying

Free Entrance

Introducing the performers

Musician Introduction

Tenor sax | Yu Zhenhai

Executive Director of Saxophone Society of China Popular Music Association, first-level member of Jazz Society of China Musicians Association, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Young Artists Association, Director of Jazz Committee of Guangdong Pop Music Association, President of Guangzhou Youth Modern Music Association, Guangzhou Dimensional Jazz The head of the troupe, the music director and conductor of the Guangzhou Youth Culture Palace Jazz Orchestra, D’Addario’s contracted artist, and the music director of the Guangzhou area of ​​JZ Club, a local Chinese jazz brand.

Graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music, studied jazz theory systematically under the famous educator Professor Ren Damin, and studied saxophone performance with Chinese jazz player Mr. Lu Tingquan. Personally, he has cooperated with many excellent bands (such as Kong jazz band, unknown fusion jazz band, Reflection jazz band, toy captain, polymerization, etc.) to participate in large domestic music festivals (Jazz Shanghai Music Festival, Guangzhou Jazz Music Festival, Midi Music Festival, Strawberry Music Festival, etc.), and served as the music director of I Love Jazz 2013 Universal Tour Carnival.

In 2007, he formed the Dimension Jazz Band and led it to participate in various large and medium-sized jazz festivals in China (such as Beishan International Jazz Festival, Guangzhou Jazz Festival, OCT-LOFT International Jazz Festival, Guangzhou Grand Theater Jazz Lectures, etc.), And as a guest performer in the jazz big band chapter of the “Lingnan Jazz” series of works created by Professor Lin Chang from Xinghai Conservatory of Music.

He is currently a professor of jazz saxophone at Xinghai Conservatory of Music and music director of Guangzhou Youth Culture Palace. Among them, student representative bands such as RELEASE JAZZ BAND and Qinggong Jazz Orchestra have toured nationwide. He has recorded a personal teaching video “Introduction to Saxophone” and released many saxophone albums, and has created many works for large, medium and small jazz bands and saxophone ensembles. Regular lectures are held for jazz lovers, and since 2018, he has participated in the organization of the “Guangzhou Jazz Youth Music Summer Camp” to promote the development of jazz in China.

Alto Sax | Zhu Haiming

Young jazz saxophone, flute player, master of jazz from Northern Illinois University, teacher of modern instrumental music department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, spokesperson of Jianxing JX saxophone mouthpiece. In 2011, he studied jazz in the Modern Music Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and studied jazz saxophone from the famous saxophonist Yu Zhenhai. He studied jazz theory under the tutelage of Professor Peng Xiaobo and Dr. Lin Chang. From 2014 to 2015, he went to the Jazz Department of the School of Music, University of Sydney, Australia for further study. In 2016, he went to Northern Illinois University to study for a master’s degree in jazz, and obtained a master’s degree in jazz in 2018. Since 2018, he has been teaching jazz in the Modern Music Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music.

Trombone | Thin Sea

Over the years, he has participated in many symphony concerts in China and has rich performance experience.

Piano | Shi Wenzheng

In 2012, he was admitted to the Department of Modern Music of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, majoring in jazz piano performance, and began to systematically study jazz under the tutelage of Professor Lin Chang. In 2016, he was selected as the exchange student program between Xinghai Conservatory of Music and Central Oklahoma University, and went to the United States for a one-year exchange study. In 2017, he passed the audition for jazz music performance at Central Oklahoma University and started two years of postgraduate study. He studied under Dennis Borycki, Lee Rucker, Brian Gorrell, Zac Lee and other jazz musicians, and received Geoffrey Keezer, Benny Golson, Fred Hersch, Donny McCaslin and other jazz masterclass instructors. During his studies, he was invited many times to perform commercial performances in major bars, churches, shopping malls and other places in Oklahoma City. At the same time, he followed the Central Oklahoma University Jazz Band to various middle schools for several jazz music instruction and exchanges. In 2019, he completed his MA in Jazz Music Performance with A grades in all courses.

Bass | Zhu Chuliang

Graduated from the Modern Music Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music in 2015, and studied with Guangzhou bassist Liang Weitang. During the university, he studied under the guidance of Bastian Hildner (Germany), studied Latin music culture under his guidance, followed Benoit Stasiaczyk (France) to learn jazz theory and harmony courses, and studied band ensemble under the guidance of teacher Lin Chang.

In 2012, he joined JAZZ BIG BAND, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and performed in many concert halls in the Pearl River Delta; in 2014, he joined We Do Jazz & Salsa 4 Passion Latin Band to perform in Tutu livehouse, Shenzhen On stage, etc.; -Bassist of bands such as way switch, wedo big band, wedo combo, timmy quartet, alice septet, etc.; active in major jazz festivals from 2018 to 2020: Shenzhen Music Festival, Guangzhou Panyu Music Festival, etc.; The song “Relief” was recorded.

Drums | Li Haoxin

Graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music with a major in jazz performance. During school, he studied percussion with Mr. Anyhony Gonzalez, and studied jazz with Prof. Benoit Stasiacayk Peng Xiaobo of the Department of Contemporary Music. Then he studied under the famous Hong Kong drummer Donashley Tang Longmen.

Trumpet | Huang Yitao

He taught at Guangzhou Technician College for 10 years and served as orchestra conductor and music director. The saxophone is taught by Mr. Yu Zhenhai. The clarinet is under the tutelage of Mr. Wen Jinhong. The trumpet is taught by Mr. Li Xiaochuan. In 2014, he joined the wedo jazz band in southern China as a trumpet player. During this period, he was the trumpet player of Alice combo septet, polymerization reaction, polymerization Latin, wedo combo swing, The Big Beat.

Guitar | Glaucio Veloso

Glaucio Veloso is a Brazilian diplomat who has led jazz and Bossa Nova ensembles for the past 30 years. He studied music at the Brasilia Conservatory and the Brasilia School of Music (EMB). He was also a private student of Brazilian contemporary jazz guitar icons Lula Galvão, Nelson Faria and Genil Castro.

Vocal | Zhao Nanying

Young female singer; Master of Pop Singing from Xinghai Conservatory of Music; Distinguished Teacher of Xinghai Pop Conservatory of Music; Member of Guangdong Musicians Association, Female Singer of Dimension Jazz Orchestra; Female Lead Singer of Sonar Vocal Orchestra. She is under the tutelage of Professor Cui Quanxin, a vocal educator, baritone singer, and secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinghai Academy of Pop Music. The jazz singer is taught by the famous jazz singer Zhang Le. Good at Jazz, Pop, R&B, Soul… and have a soft spot for jazz vocals. 2017 “Hong Kong International Vocal Music Open” first prize in the pop singing youth group. Invited to participate in the 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Zhuhai Branch, 2018, 2019, 2022 Guangzhou TV Station, Guangdong Pearl River TV Spring Festival Gala. 2019 The Voice of China Guangzhou competition area audition judges.

Instructions for viewing

Affected by the current epidemic, in order to ensure the health and safety of the audience, JZ Club Guangzhou store will implement corresponding epidemic prevention measures, as follows:

1. You need to reserve seats by telephone in advance, TEL: 189 2957 1507 (13:00—01:00);

2. Visitors who enter the venue need to scan the QR code for registration and inspection, and only those whose Suikang code is green can enter the venue;

3. The audience must wear masks consciously before entering the venue to ensure the safety of all audiences and cast members;

4. Spectators who have been in risk areas within 14 days will not be admitted.

JZ Club was born in Shanghai and came to Guangzhou in 2015. We are committed to promoting the aesthetics of jazz life, selecting world-class jazz masters to perform and exchange in China, constantly exploring and cultivating local music talents, and striving to build an excellent jazz cultural experience space in Guangzhou!

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