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January 31, 2023 All day

– Band Lineup –


Vocals: A-DoG
Sax: Mantono
Keyboard: Arnold
Bass: Igor
Drums: Mac

The lead singer A-DoG began to study vocal music and composition at the age of 14, and is active in the underground scenes and competitions in South China. He is good at R&B, Neo Soul, Jazz and Funk and other styles of music. Personal radio station SoulFat. Mantono is a very good saxophone player who always brings out his most charismatic side on stage and enjoys the fun of music through his playing. Arnold is an excellent jazz pianist with more than 20 years of playing experience, and he is also a very good creator. Bassist Igor graduated from the Ukrainian Conservatory of Music in 2012. His performance is full of rhythm and infinite energy. The drummer is Mac from Mauritius, a drummer active in the domestic and international music scene. Their music scene is diverse in style and form, and more possibilities are waiting for you to discover.


Vocals: Daria
Bass: Steven
Saxophone: Manton o
Drums: Mark
Keyboard: Dima

The band members of DARIA  AND BAND come from all over the world . They all have a common passion for music and sufficient stage experience. Different music backgrounds give their music an integrated international character. Daria has more than 20 years of performance experience, is also an excellent vocal teacher and winner of many international competitions . Bassist Steven from Hong Kong is intoxicated by the combination of his superb skills and clear voice. This time, they will play together with keyboardist Dima, drummer Mark and saxophonist Manton o  .


Vocals: Shirley
Bass: Elian
Sax: Mantono
Keyboard: Ariel
Drummer: Mac

The lead singer Shirley was born in a Colombian musical family. Her rich and diverse musical experience has given her the opportunity to perform all over the world and appeared on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Mantono is a very good saxophone player who always brings out his most charismatic side on stage and enjoys the fun of music through his playing. Elian grew up under the influence of folk traditions and dance music. He is good at Spanish guitar and Cuban three-string guitar. His music hobbies involve modern jazz, blues, rock and fusion music, etc. He will pursue his musical dream when he comes to China. Ariel is a Cuban jazz pianist with over 20 years of experience performing on stage and performing for a variety of bands and solo artists, and specializes in songwriting. Mac is a drummer from Mauritius who has collaborated with many great bands and is active on the fine music scene at home and abroad. This time, these excellent musicians will perform together on the stage of LAVO!


Vocals: Viga
Sax: Zhao Lu
Keyboard: Dima
Guitar: License
Bass: Li Jing
Drums: Mark

The members of the band come from all over China. They are a diverse band, and they have a solid foundation in music. There are professional music teachers from universities, returnees who have studied jazz performance overseas with masters, and they have participated in many popular singers. members of the tour group. The overall style of the band is based on traditional jazz, with a fusion of different styles such as Neo Soul, R&B and contemporary jazz. From complex technical beats to rhythmic black music, it will bring you a gluttonous feast of music every week.


Vocals: Sherri
Bass: Steven
Sax: Manton o
Drums: Xiao Ying
Keyboard: Dima

Sherri  graduated from the Berklee College of Music in the United States. She has been breaking barriers in various fields and straddling different elements. She is a very creative and powerful musician. The bassist Steven from Hong Kong combines his superb skills with clear voice , fascinated. This time, they will play together with keyboardist Dima, drummer Xiao Ying and saxophonist Manton o  .SHERRI AND BAND ‘s live performances familiarize more audiences with music styles such as R&B, jazz, blues and fusion.


Vocals: Valery
Bass: Igor
Sax: Nick
Keyboard: Arnold
Drums: Mac

Take Five is a fusion jazz band, but in fact their music style involves Jazzy, Funky, Fusion, Neo-Soul and even electronic music. Female singer Valery’s captivating voice complements the band with depth, emotional expression that stands up to scrutiny, and she plays and sings with great nuance. Take Five has a rigorous attitude, constantly trying various styles, pursuing a pleasant tone and conveying the emotion of the music, it is worth listening carefully!

– DJ lineup –


In 2016, he began to contact electronic music and taught himself to play discs. The live music styles are mainly House, Jazz, Funk, HipHop, Electronic and R&B. In 2017, he was invited to be the Support DJ of the Shenzhen Le Dujuan White Heat Test; in 2018, he was selected as the Support DJ on the main stage of Shenzhen EMP Made in China; in the same year, he performed for the Shenzhen original design brand ROARINGWILD.

#02 EKKI

An event party that has toured nearly 120 cities over the past 15 years. In Beijing, Ekki founded his own event brand BAD EGG with his friend Luke Ume, focusing on bringing high-quality Bass music events to Beijing. After coming to Shenzhen, Ekki and DJ Tayta launched a “passionate” project: Sunset Funk, a party with Funk, Soul, DIsco and Afrobeat on the roof. At the same time, Ekki has also served as a resident DJ at LAVO for nearly 6 years.

#03 KORI

Kori is currently the resident DJ of LAVO Shenzhen Bay Mixc City Store (flagship store), she is committed to creating a unique sense of music that belongs to her. He has collaborated with senior DJs such as UMEK, Dubfire, Mark Knight and Sandy River on the same stage. He has also been invited to be the guest DJ at the MISSRUDOLF Sanya light luxury new product launch conference, the Desound R.2 warm-up DJ, the HOLES and other jazz bar opening guest DJs, as well as Shenzhen Bay. The special guests of the International Fringe Festival have gained a group of loyal supporters by virtue of their outstanding performance.

#04 PIRO

Piro is a DJ, music producer and musician from Poland. Over the past 20 years, he has recorded over 30 records for international labels, and has also experimented with various genres as a DJ and producer, including Jazz, Funk, Soul, House and Techno. As a member of one of the most influential DJ groups in Poland, Detroit Zdroj & Easybooking, Piro has been invited not only to perform at legendary clubs Klub55 and Luzztro, but also with global artists such as Daft Punk, Carl Craig, Pole and Pikaya .


Floor 1M, Building T3, Kerry Plaza, No. 1 Zhongxin 4th Road Futian District