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【Meeting Jazz Hangzhou】This week’s performance schedule 3.22-3.26

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March 22, 2023 All day

Wednesday March 22 at 21:30

New Generation Jazz Quartet

Piano/Piano: Li Siyao

Bass/Double bass: Qian Pengfeng

Drums/Drums: Qian Pengyu

Vocal/Vocal: Xue Xiaodi

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Founded in 2022, the Le You Quartet is composed of four new-generation jazz musicians from Hangzhou, Qian Pengfeng, Qian Pengyu, Li Siyao, and jazz singer Xue Xiaodi. “那” not only means “close”, but the most straightforward interpretation of “Ley” is to be close to music, hoping to bring the audience a pleasant, pure and moving jazz scene; It is also to remind myself to remain humble on the road of jazz, to keep learning and exploring, and to try to create a new sound on the basis of infinite respect for jazz traditions.

Thursday, March 23 at 21:30

Jazz Drummer Ye Hongming Trio

Drums/Drums: Ye Hongming

Piano/Piano: Li Yang

Bass/Double bass: Lee Young Jae

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He studied music from his father since he was a child, and then studied music education at the Central Conservatory of Music. After graduation, he performed with jazz musicians from all over the world. He has participated in Hangzhou Jazz Festival, Shanghai Jazz Festival, West Lake International Music Festival, Shenzhen International Jazz Music Festival, Flower Music Season, Oxygen Music Festival and more. Long-term commitment to jazz drum education, opened a “Ming Drum Hall” music studio.

Friday, March 24 at 21:30

Jazz Vocal Thinking Trio

Vocal/Vocal: Gao Siran

Piano/Piano: Zhu Yefan

Bass/Double bass: Qian Pengfeng

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Singer Gao Siran (Emilie), graduated with a master’s degree from Duke University in the United States, and studied under the famous American jazz musician Ms. Annie Chen Chen Xuanyu. Emilie is good at interpreting various styles of jazz music with flexible, dialogue-like singing; at the current stage of learning and practice, she prefers traditional jazz, bebop, hardbop and some modern/fusion jazz. In October last year, he performed for the first time on the swing dance stage of the Montreal International Jazz Festival in Hangzhou. Since then, he has been active in Huanglou Jazz Club, MeetingJazzClub and other places. He continues to cooperate and learn with outstanding musicians, and is committed to creating more beautiful live music and emotions. experience.

March 25 21:15-23:15 Saturday

MeetingJazz✖️ Camelwalk 

Swing Dance Retro Swing Ball

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Swing Dance developed in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s. During that depressing period, jazz flourished and filled the ballroom, lifting and comforting people’s spirits and providing them with an outlet for catharsis. The retro and playful swing dance has a history of nearly half a year and has been active to this day. It is a typical activity of texture and retro life, and has become the first choice for too many urbanites who are full of stress after get off work.

In MeetingJazz Club, jazz belongs to life. Retro is not just an image expression, but to understand life in the taste of life. We meet every Wednesday to Swing together, and you are welcome to try it too.

Camelwalk is a new swing dance force in Hangzhou. It is committed to the promotion and development of swing dance and retro culture in Hangzhou. The name of the organization comes from the classic movement of camel walk in swing dance, and it also means to dance swing dance outdoors. Camelwalk believes that everyone in Swing does not dance to please others, but enjoys the energy and happiness conveyed by the music itself. We hope to create happiness with swing dance and jazz as the carrier, and create a relaxed and pleasant social atmosphere for everyone.

Sunday, March 26 at 21:30

Jam Session/Improv Night

Moderator: He Zhifeng & Dong Wei

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The charm of jazz lies in improvisation. No matter how you practice at home, what kind of teacher you learn from, whether you go to the United States or the Netherlands to study, you must eventually achieve one goal, which is to perform on stage. Live is the best way to interpret jazz. As a newcomer to Meeting Jazz, we hope to grow together with musicians in Hangzhou.

In the process of learning jazz, this is the training method that is closest to actual combat. The skills, harmony, rhythm, and music aesthetics you usually learn about playing musical instruments will be vividly presented the moment you take the stage. Of course, you also need to learn how to express yourself when you play, how to listen when others play,

Everyone is welcome to bring your musical instruments, bring your dedication and love for jazz, and meet jazz together. At the same time, each musician participating in the Jam can receive a glass of free wine/soft drink at the bar.

Kind tips

Due to limited space, please call customer service before arriving at the store to reserve a seat for you.

Reservations are accepted from 18:30 to 20:30 every day. Reservations are not accepted after 21:00

During the performance, the whole venue is non-smoking, and there is a smoking area outside

To ensure the quality of the performance, please speak in a low voice

Please turn off the flash when taking pictures

I wish you all a happy viewing

Let’s Meeting jazz


500 meters southeast of Hangzhou Qiantang River Bridge (former site of Binjiang Campus of China Academy of Art)
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